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3D models database

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Models available in .dwg, .dxf, .obj, .3ds, .skp, .blend formats, in the most popular shapes and sizes of cabins in each collection. If you have not found the model you need, please email us: marketing@newtrendy.pl.

Search quickly for models and bases:


   Complete model database

Download Complete model database
The zip archive contains all the collection models listed below. Summary file (~10GB)




Avexa models Avexa Gold Shine models Avexa Copper Brushed models
Avexa Black models Avexa Gold Brushed models Avexa Gunmetal Brushed models
Avexa White models    



Smart models Smart Black models Smart Light Gold models



Softi models Softi Black models  



Eventa models    



Reflexa models    


   New Modus

New Modus models    


   Diora / Ultima

Diora / Ultima models    


   New Renoma / New Azura / New Merana

New Renoma / New Merana / New Azura models    


   New Soleo

New Soleo models New Soleo Black models  


   Alta / Alta III

Alta models Alta III models  



Prime models Prime Black models Prime White models
Prime Light Gold models    


   New Corrina / New Praktic / New Maxima

New Corrina models New Praktic models New Maxima models


   New Komfort

New Komfort models   New Komfort Black models  


   New Varia

New Varia models New Varia Black models  


   Database of shower tray models

New Trendy shower tray models    


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3D models database

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