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Shower enclosures

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Shower enclosures AVEXA


Walk-in shower enclosures

Series: Avexa
Walk-in shower enclosure, safe tempered glass 6 mm or 8 mm with coating Active Shield.

  Real dimensions
  to the outer edge of the wall block
Symbol Dimensions Glass A B H
EXK-1936 50x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 46-47 max 120 200
EXK-1937 60x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 56-57 max 120 200
EXK-1540 70x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 66-67 max 120 200
EXK-1541 80x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 76-77 max 120 200
EXK-1542 90x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 86-87 max 120 200
EXK-1543 100x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 96-97 max 120 200
EXK-1544 110x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 106-107 max 120 200
EXK-1545 120x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 116-117 max 120 200
EXK-1938 130x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 126-127 max 120 200
EXK-1939 140x200 clear 6mm Active Shield 136-137 max 120 200
EXK-1942 50x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 50-51 max 120 200
EXK-1943 60x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 60-61 max 120 200
EXK-1798 70x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 70-71 max 120 200
EXK-1799 80x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 80-81 max 120 200
EXK-1800 90x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 90-91 max 120 200
EXK-1801 100x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 100-101 max 120 200
EXK-1802 110x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 110-111 max 120 200
EXK-1803 120x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 120-121 max 120 200
EXK-1944 130x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 130-131 max 120 200
EXK-1945 140x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 140-141 max 120 200
EXK-1946 150x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 150-151 max 120 200
EXK-1947 160x200 clear 8mm Active Shield 160-161 max 120 200

NOTE: Fixed elements can be mounted with the use of a wall profile that compensates for wall curvature up to about 10 mm.


NOTE: For the version with 6mm glass below:


For the version with 8mm glass below:

 AVEXA 8mm

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